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It was lovely to meet baby cora and mum in my home studio in plymouth, i always choose gorgeous warm colours for my newborn portraits and this was no expection! 

I love the warm tones of the pink i used in this session and cora was such a good baby so sleepy so we managed to get quite a variety of images for mum. 

I hope you enjoy looking through the image of little cora. 



















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Harley | Newborn Portraits Harley

Newborn Portraits



It was such a pleasure to meet little harley and his big sister, what a lucky boy he will be to grow up with such a caring big sister, as soon as she walked in she was cuddling and kissing her big brother so sweet to watch.

I truly love these image i captured of baby harley I'm sure mum and dad will treasure them for years to come.















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Mickey Mouse Cake Smash | Jake Mickey Mouse Cake Smash

|   Jake


I had the pleasure of meeting little jake who attended my home studio with his mum + dad for his first birthday cake smash. Jake is a big disney fan and so you can guess he wanted the most famous disney character ever, Mickey mouse great choice jake! 

I always love to see the parents faces when they see the gorgeous cakes i have made for their little ones cake smashes this one was my all time favourite design that I've had to date, I loved seeing Mums face light up when she saw the cake and even said it looked to good to be smashed up. 

 Jake didn't think so tho and got stuck into smashing up his mickey cake, I love how smiley and happy he was getting his fingers and feet in, enjoying eating the cake.

After a fun packed good old cake smashing, jake had fun splashing in the tub looking at mum + Dad whilst he splashed and played with the bubbles.

I really enjoyed meeting jake, mum + dad, this mickey cake smash was so much fun and i really hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

Many thanks ashley 


Jake | mickey mouse cake smash-2Jake | mickey mouse cake smash-2

Jake | mickey mouse cake smash-4Jake | mickey mouse cake smash-4

Jake | mickey mouse cake smash-7Jake | mickey mouse cake smash-7


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Wembury Beach Engagement Photography | Karen + Paul Wembury Beach |

Karen + Paul


I met Karen and Paul on a beautiful morning at wembury Beach the sun was glowing, the sea was shinning and you could hear the birds calling.

Karen and Paul were really playful and happy it was lovely to see them goofing around with each other and you could really sense how much they meant to each other as they walked hand in hand chatting and giggling. 

It was so good to get them in front of the camera as they were naturals, I love it when couples naturally embrace, paul was whispering in karens ear and she was laughing, karen would give paul a kiss and they were chatting amongst themselves.

I try not to give to much instruction as i like couples to feel at ease and happy when I'm photographing them so i always start off without any instruction to see what works best for them. These session are brilliant for relaxing couples before their wedding day and helps them to feel more comfortable around me! Engagement sessions are included in my wedding packages. 

We took full advantage of the beautiful surroundings of wembury using the gorgeous fields with their beautiful long grass and the views which stretch out over wembury beach and you can even see Noss mayo another beautiful devon village with stunning views and beautiful walks. 

After a few candid images to help them feel comfortable and relaxed we headed down to the beach, because it was a beautiful day the beach was full of people wanting to enjoy it, but that didn't stop us we headed to a less busy part of the beach to capture a few more candids with a small bit of posing.

I really enjoyed my morning with karen and paul i hope you enjoy looking through their images. 



Karen and paul enegaement-2Karen and paul enegaement-2

Karen and paul enegaement-5Karen and paul enegaement-5

Karen and paul enegaement-4Karen and paul enegaement-4

Karen and paul enegaement-3Karen and paul enegaement-3

Karen and paul enegaementKaren and paul enegaement

Karen and paul enegaement-7Karen and paul enegaement-7

Karen and paul enegaement-6Karen and paul enegaement-6

Karen and paul enegaement-10Karen and paul enegaement-10

Karen and paul enegaement-9Karen and paul enegaement-9

Karen and paul enegaement-8Karen and paul enegaement-8

Karen and paul enegaement-12Karen and paul enegaement-12

Karen and paul enegaement-11Karen and paul enegaement-11

Karen and paul enegaement-13Karen and paul enegaement-13

Karen and paul enegaement-14Karen and paul enegaement-14

Karen and paul enegaement-15Karen and paul enegaement-15


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Quirky Odd Wheel Pub Wedding Wembury | Nic + Dave Dave + Nic |

The Odd Wheel



As i approached White Dove Barns the sun was shining and the sky was blue, what more can you ask for on your wedding day!

The bride was so calm and relaxed on the day and she was laughing and joking with her sister, mum & dad. They enjoyed bacon sandwiches & salmon for the bride which i had to say made my belly grumble it smelt amazing, followed by a glass of champagne cause every bride wants some champagne on her wedding day! 

As the morning progressed the atmosphere remained calm, and everyone was laughing and joking, the brides dad even got his saxophone out and gave use a little song which i have to say he was very good, he even drew a picture of it which you can see in the photos below! 

Nic choose a beautiful full length satin off white dress with some beautiful lace around the top on the neck and the bodice, very classic and very elegant. As you can see from the photos it really looks beautiful on her and really flatters her, she choose to pair it with a beautiful ruby + pearl necklace and earring set. 

There were also many beautiful little details which i have to say always make a wedding super special not only to the bride but also to the family and her guests, As a surprise for their wedding day dave had given nic a customised musical composition of there favourite song it was beautiful and it was on black card with the composition in gold leaf, a beautiful thing they can treasure for the rest of there life.

Nic had her hair decorated with some fresh white flowers which looked really in keeping with her fascinator, It was really special to watch nic and her mum get ready together for nic special day, mum even started crying when she had seen how beautiful nic looked. Such a touching moment that I'm sure they will remember for a long time.

We headed to the venue to where nic and dave first met so you can see why they choose this quirky pub in wembury as their place to get married and celebrate the rest of their lives together. As we approached the odd wheel the best man was in waiting for nic to arrive he had some shots ready to calm the nerves, as soon as nic entered she burst into tears, the feelings of being where she first met dave all flooding back to her what a special moment. 

After a cuddle from nic's sister and a shot from the best man all was well again and she was ready to make her vows to the love of her life dave. 

As Nic walked down the isle you could see dave's face light up and so did hers what a truly special connection this couple have, it was really magical to watch. There was lots of laughing and happiness during the ceremony, everyone was embracing their special day i really love that they had decorated the isle with hay bales for seating for the guests, there were beer canisters with apples on and a black board with the ghostbusters logo on it, i think this was a personal joke between the couple and their family & friends. 

After the exchange of rings and the seal of the deal the kiss nic + dave enjoyed a beautiful array of hymes from the pastor of their church everyone really embraced the hymes and joined in with the singing. 

The guests all made their congratulations and then all started to grab some of the drinks that were available, some were in really cool displays like beers in wheel barrels with mountains of ice to keep them cool there was also an appearance from the devon vintage ice cream van which i have to say was the coolest ice cream van I've seen, with its vintage bunting and sweet little accessories, they also make their own ice creams for their brides and groom of there favourite flavours so which would you choose! 

I love the personalised sign you can see pictured below congratulating nic and dave on there special day, to say the ice creams went down a treat would be an understatement, i think everyone needs an ice cream van on there special day. Young and old waited to have a taste of there ice creams. 

Even nic got in on the action and climbed into the van to serve dave an ice cream of his choice, i think he could get used to that, i love the photos of nic in the driving seat and checking her makeup in the mirror. 

The bride and groom then heading down to the gorgeous national trust beach that is wembury its a shingle beach but that doesn't take away from its charm, with its beautiful views and buildings it really does make for a picturesque beauty spot.

It was nice to see Nic + Dave have a quiet moment to talk about all the things they had been upto in the morning and laugh about things together, they even bumped into an old friend at the beach. 

It was a special day had by all and we wish Nic + dave all the happiness and love for their future together as Mr + Mrs Orchard







































Wembury_wedding_photographer_plymouth-37Wembury_wedding_photographer_plymouth-37 Wembury_wedding_photographer_plymouth-41Wembury_wedding_photographer_plymouth-41














































































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Cora | Newborn Portrait Sneak Peak  


Little Cora | Newborn Baby Sneak Peak




It was an absolute pleasure to meet little Cora and her Parents for newborn shoot, here's a little sneak peak from her portrait session and I'm sure you will agree she is absolutely adorable. I love documenting babies and capturing them when they are so little. This little bundle of joy was a pleasure to document.

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Plymouth Newborn Photographer | Little Rafe's sneak peaks Little Rafe's

newborn session sneak peaks

Introducing little Rafe, just check out all that hair and guess what mum didn't even have any heart burn! I just love it when babies come into my studio and have cool little features like this little man's hair, all babies are very unique and I love documenting each and every single one.

How adorable does he look in these baby photos, I really can't wait to share the rest of this man's portrait gallery with mum and dad.


Newborn_Photography_Plymouth-3Newborn_Photography_Plymouth-3 Newborn_Photography_Plymouth-4Newborn_Photography_Plymouth-4 Newborn_Photography_PlymouthNewborn_Photography_Plymouth

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Mount Edgecombe Pre Wedding Shoot | Hannah+Matt and little Maximus Hannah and Matt's Engagement session at Mount Edgecombe House and Country Gardens

Here's a little sneak peak from Hannah and Matt's pre-wedding portrait session in the beautiful grounds of Mount Edgecombe Country Park with their lovely little puppy Maximus. It was a beautiful but windy spring day, the sun was shining and the beautiful blossom and flowers were out in bloom. It was lovely to catch up with this lovely couple who had travelled down from London to finalise a few final wedding plans and for their outdoor engagement shoot, in preparation for their lovely wedding later this year at Palhawn Fort on the beautiful Cornish Coast.

Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-2Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-2 Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-4Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-4 Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-6Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-6 Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-8Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-8 Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-11Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography-11 Mount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_PhotographyMount_Edgecombe_Prewedding_Photography





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Devon Days Out | Easter Fun at Occombe Farm Devon Day's Out at Occombe Farm

Easter Fun 


With Easter soon approaching we decided to look for local places to visit and take the boys, after a few google searches we found a lovely little farm in south Devon called Occombe farm. We had never been before and we noticed they had a lovely little easter trail on so thought it would be good to travel up and see what it was like. 

Occombe Farm is a full working farm and has a 2km nature trail which has free access to the general public, it is part of the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust and truly is a beautiful trail, with lots to see and explore in their beautiful woodlands. They hold regular festivals, holiday clubs, meet the animal sessions and cookery class and events for the whole family which do have a charge but are very reasonable. 

As you can see below we had a great morning exploring the nature trail and following the easter trail that they had set out, the boys loved learning about all the nature and wildlife from answering the questions on the trail sheets and matching them up with the correct boxes. It was a lovely typical spring day after a very wet few days which the boys loved as there was nice big puddles and muddy puddles along the walk for them to jump in and have fun. When we finished the trail the boys had a lovely chocolate treat and we then went to their cafe to have a lovely lunch. The boys had a great time here exploring, climbing, learning and having fun. 

Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_ Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-2Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-2 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-3Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-3 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-4Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-4 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-5Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-5 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-6Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-6 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-7Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-7 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-8Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-8 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-9Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-9 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-10Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-10 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-11Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-11 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-12Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-12 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-14Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-14 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-15Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-15 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-16Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-16 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-17Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-17 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-18Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-18 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-19Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-19 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-20Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-20 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-21Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-21 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-22Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-22 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-23Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-23 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-24Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-24 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-25Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-25 Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-26Devon Days Out Occombe Farm Easter Fun_-26




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Plymouth Newborn Photographers | Little Toby's Newborn Portraits Little Toby's Newborn Portraits 

By Plymouth Photographer Ashley Ide



Little Toby was an absolute pleasure to document during his newborn portrait's, he was a lovely little bundle of joy and as you can see below he just loved to pose for the camera and even smiled for the camera, how cute! Mum and Dad arrived at my home studio with little Toby and his older brother Tommy, we chose which backdrops, hats and props we were going to use and settle little Toby ready for the session. Tommy had so much fun playing with the toys and popping in every now and then to see how is little brother was getting on. Toby was really good during the session only waking a few times, but that gave me perfect opportunity to grab some lovely awake photo's with his eyes open.

I just love the colours in these images, a lovely deep dark blue really works well in drawing you into little baby and then my favourites browns which always compliment little newborns. As you can see the adorable little fox hat from Lulabella's Hand Knits and the lovely little rabbit were picked again and really are a favourite and chosen in a lot of our newborn baby sessions. It's lovely as Lucy who owns Lulabella's is a local business not based in plymouth but just over the bridge in even sunnier Cornwall, and makes the most wonderful and softest newborn baby props and hats that I have come across and you can tell a lot of love and affection go into making them and why I get a lot of my newborn attire from her.  

My favourite image from the session has to be the last one posted here, little Tommy and Dads expressions are great! as Tommy jumps on dad's as he doesn't want to sit down and then I grab his attention by making some silly noise and dad being dad joins in and we get this lovely image of both Dad and son playing around, which mum finds amusing and little Toby is none the wiser, sleeping like a baby all wrapped up snug as a bug!

I was pleased when they had finally viewed their newborn photos to hear that this image was going to be selected for a big canvas print and would be in pride of place in their home.


"From initial contact through to the very end where he personally hand delivered our absolutely epic Newborn & Family photos"


It was a real pleasure meeting this lovely little family and documenting this very special and precious moment in their lives, its always a highlight of my job capturing these special moments and its always nice to hear what parents think of the images and of the service that I provide and this couple left me such a touching review and also referred to me as "The Baby Whisperer" which to me really means a lot.


"his service was second to none and all jokes aside he is like "The Baby Whisperer" our son Toby is a very light sleeper but this mattered none to Ashley"


I know that I will be meeting little Toby and his lovely family again as he's one of my Babies First Year babies, so he will be back very soon when he is sitting for his Sitter Session and then again when he is one for his One Year Session or a First Birthday Cake Smash.

Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_PlymouthNewborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-3Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-3 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-4Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-4 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-5Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-5 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-6Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-6 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-7Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-7 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-8Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-8 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-9Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-9 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-10Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-10 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-11Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-11 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-12Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-12 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-14Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-14 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-13Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-13 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-15Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-15 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-16Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-16 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-17Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-17 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-18Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-18 Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-19Newborn_Photographer_Plymouth_Devon_Plymouth-19

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Run Free, Run Wild - Features in Vogue Italia Run Free, Run Wild

 Features in Vogue

Plymouth Photographer features in Vogue for children's outdoor imagePlymouth children's Photographer features in Vogue Run Free, Run Wild was taken on a walk to Cann Woods in Plymouth, Devon with my 5 boys. I love to head out with them and explore the great outdoors which always presents itself with some fantastic opportunities to get some portraits of my children, this documentary style portrait of two of my kids presented itself after they decided to take their tops off and chase each other. Running free and wild like this is what my boys do best and I was over the moon to have been featured on the prestigious Vogue Italia for this image.


Run Free, Run Wild is a image I photographed on a family walk with my boys at the lovely Plymbrigde Woods in Plymouth, Devon. One of our favourite places to visit in Plymouth and such a beautiful national trust site, and its right on our doorstep so ideal for taking the boys to burn off some of that energy, boys being boys decided they would take their tops off and start to chase one another. I think in this image Isaac had attacked my eldest with a stick and Ashton then decided he would chase Isaac for revenge as boys do so I sat back and started taking photo's as I love documenting our adventures and the boys love to look back on the fun we have. This image was one of my favourites plus another that I can't share here as it includes 5 little moons. 


I was so pleased to see that my outdoor children's photograph had been published on Vogue, its always great to see your work featured especially by such a prestigious company as Vogue and amongst so many other great photographers from all around the world.


I love getting out documenting and photographing memories of my children and love looking back on our memories together, images like this really do show what my children are all about and what we love to do.


Outdoor children photography is something I love to do, children really do feel more relaxed and at ease and you see their true characters especially if they are not confident, they just love to get out into the great outdoors and explore, run and play.


If you would like to take a look at more of my outdoor children's portrait's click here or want me to document your kid's, maybe a documentary outdoor session like the image above or one of my studio or location children's portrait sessions, it really would be a pleasure to create some fantastic memories for you to look back on with your kids for many years to come. 





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Naomi+Andrew Boringdon Hall Hotel Wedding in Devon  

Naomi and Andrew's perfect day at 

Boringdon Hall Hotel Devon.






It was such a pleasure to be able to document this lovely couples wedding at Boringdon Hall Hotel and give them some beautiful images to look back at what was an amazing day and Im sure they will treasure these images for ever, and I can't believe it has been a whole year since documenting this precious moment in their lives. I wish you both all the best for the future and many happy years together. Happy Anniversary!


If you would like to read a little more please head over to my Plymouth wedding Photographer Blog post about their special day at such a beautiful Devon wedding venue as Boringdon Hall Hotel


I hope you enjoyed this little slideshow which is just a small snippet of how wonderful Naomi and Andrews special day was. feel free to leave a comment below and share with anyone that is planning to get married, and if you would like to discuss your special day with me please feel free to get in touch.


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Plymouth Cake Smash Photographer | little Maggie's first birthday cake smash Little Maggie's First Birthday Cake Smash


Happy first birthday to Maggie! 

devon children photographer plymouthplymouth children photographer devonLove this children portrait with the teddies by Plymouth Photographer Ashley Ide

It was lovely to capture her first birthday cake smash and what fun did she have, lots of cake and splashing in the bubbles after her cake smash makes for a very fun filled session. I love the theme, very girly with lots of lovely pastels and butterflies. How cute is the image with her sat with the teddies, I love trying to capture some portraits before introducing the cake and these teddies seem to be a favourite with parents. 

Devon baby photographer plymouthPlymouth kids photographer devon Its all about the smiles, love this smiley portrait taken by Ashley Ide Photography

Plymouth cake smash photographer devon girlyPlymouth cake smash photographer girly and pink Love this Girly pastel and butterflies themed Cake Smash by Plymouth photographer Ashley Ide


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Cake Smash Photographer | Arrr! Captain Harrison's first birthday Cake Smash Arrr! Captain Harrison's First

Birthday Cake Smash | Devon Cake Smash Photographer 

ivybridge photographer cake smashivybridge photographer cake smash



What a great way to celebrate your first birthday! First birthday cake smashes are becoming a very popular choice at Ashley Ide Photography and I love doing them, watching kids have an absolute blast during the sessions is always fun.

Harrison absolutely loved his pirate themed cake smash session and we started with a little portrait session before introducing the cake, which was perfect for this session, made by the very talented Anna at The Cheeky Cake Company. Harrison wasn't to keen to get stuck into the cake and needed a little encouraging but sure did like the taste of it!

After the cake smash Captain Harrison walked the plank straight into a bubbly bath to wash away all the cake but more importantly to splash and play with the bubbles, now who doesn't like a bath with B U B B L E S!

Cake Smash session's are a great way to celebrate your child's first birthday, and if you would like to book in for your child's cake smash please get in touch.


Plymouth cake Smash PhotographerPlymouth cake Smash Photographer Cake smash plymouth photographerCake smash plymouth photographer pirate cake smash plymouthpirate cake smash plymouth plymouth portrait photographerplymouth portrait photographer portrait photographer plymouthportrait photographer plymouth devon cake smash photographerdevon cake smash photographer cake smash photographer cornwallcake smash photographer cornwall cornwall cake smash photographercornwall cake smash photographer cake smash photographer devoncake smash photographer devon first birthday cake smash pirate themefirst birthday cake smash pirate theme plymouth cake smash pirate themeplymouth cake smash pirate theme children portraits plymouthchildren portraits plymouth devon photographerdevon photographer plymouth photographerplymouth photographer inybridge cake smash photographerinybridge cake smash photographer pirate cake smash plymouth devonpirate cake smash plymouth devon
































































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A month of birthdays and cake. A Month of Birthdays

and Cake

Normally I'm writing about the birth of a newborn baby, or a children's birthday portrait session and even about a first birthday cake smash but this post is a little more personal as we seen two of our boys become another year older! Its crazy to think that our youngest Theo is now 2 and second youngest Jenson is now 4, it really only seems like yesterday that I literally caught my second youngest as he was born into my arms and to think 4 years have passed is crazy! Then to realise Theo our youngest is now 2 is even more crazy, time really does go by so fast but what an amazing few years it has been, watching my 5 boys grow and become the lovely little people that they are, truly melts my heart and and brightens each and every day!


Ok so 2 birthday's in a month? we really didn't plan that well did we but guess what it means birthday cake twice in a month and if your anything like me you can't get enough cake! Each year myself and my wife ask the boys what cake they want and we try our hardest to make them ourselves, and I can tell you that when we first started doing this with our eldest Ashton we tried to keep things simple but the older they get the more difficult and crazy ideas for cakes they seem to have, anyway this seems to have rubbed off onto the little ones who both wanted character cakes. Theo loves the new Disney kids program PJ Masks and Jenson wanted a Good Dinosaur cake. Fortunately we know a very Talented lady called Tracey from Maggie's Girl who said she could make the cake toppers for us, and low and behold what and A M A Z I N G job did she do, we were blown away and Theo and Jenson loved them, and all we had to do was make the cake and eat it.

The Ide Family Theo the smilerTheo the smiler on his birthday This little smiler just turned 2 PJ Masks cake PJ masks cake 2nd birthday This cool cake was made for my sons 2nd birthday and he wanted it to be his favourite Disney kids programme PJ Masks PJ Masks cakePJ Masks cake toppersthese cool cake toppers were made for my sons second birthday and he loves his PJ Masks cake The Ide family Jenson Jenson on his 4th birthdayLittle Jenson all smiles playing with Dori in his little fish tank that he got for his birthday The Good Dinosaur Birthday CakeThe Good Dinosaur birthday cake We made this The Good Dinosaur Cake for out sons 4th birthday The Good Dinosaur Cake TopperThe Good Dinosaur cake topperLove this Cake topper of The Good Dinosaur



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Plymouth Wedding photographer | Boringdon Hall Devon Wedding Photographer |

 Boringdon Hall Hotel | Naomi + Andrew


I first met Andrew 2 years ago at a wedding that I was covering for a fellow photographer friend as he was best man for the wedding, I remember Andrew telling me about his plans to do a surprise propsal to his girlfriend Naomi, I instantly thought wow what a thoughtful gesture!

I never thought it would be me they would chose to document their special day! So it was such a honour and surprise when I recieved the phone call from them asking to meet to discuss me covering their special day.

When we met it was clear that Naomi and Andrew were planning a very special wedding and were a very loving and close family and I was delighted that they had chosen me to document there special day at Boringdon Hall Hotel in Plymouth Devon. 

I arrived early in the day to Boringdon Hall Hotel to meet Naomi to document her morning getting ready, and what a beautiful morning it was, birds were singing and the sun was shining it really couldn't have been any better and to be having it at the stunning Devon wedding venue Boringdon Hall Hotel was just wow! Boringdon Hall Hotel known as 'the enchanted place on the hill' is a stunning Elizabethan Manor House situated on the edge of Dartmoor and Plymouth in Devon which boasts a 5 star rating which it definitely deserves, it truly is a stunning venue.

I was greeted by a very calm bride which I must say is pretty unusual as normally when the bride starts to get ready the reality starts to set in and so do the nerves but Naomi was very calm which rubbed off on to the rest of the bridal party and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Andrew on the other hand was a little more nervous than his bride to be but who isn't nervous on the biggest day of their lives.

The ceremony was beautiful and full of emotion you could really tell that this was a special occasion for the whole family and it really is great to document such a special moment in people lives. 

After the ceremony we headed of for some group portraits and then the bride and groom portraits and when you have a venue such as the stunning Boringdon Hall Hotel you really are spoilt for choice, with the characteristic Elizabethan house and grounds it really was the perfect wedding venue. As you can see below the couple really did have a great connection which made for some fantastic images full of love and emotion. 

Boringdon Hall Hotel bridal prep make upBoringdon Hall Hotel bridal prep make upThe lovely bride at the finest wedding venue, Boringdon Hall Hotel getting her make up applied by her make up artist ready for the wedding ceremony. Naomi was very calm on the morning of her wedding which had a calming effect on the rest of the bridal party.

Mother of the bride at Boringdon Hall HotelMother of the bride at Boringdon Hall HotelThis black and white photo of the mother of the bride applying her make up during bride prep at Glamorous Boringdon Hall Hotel is a great capture of her taking time out of the hustle and bustle from the rest of the bridal party

Make up artist Boringdon Hall HotelMake up artist Boringdon Hall HotelThe bride here is having her make up carefully and proffessionally applied by her make up artist. This is an important part of the wedding day for any bride, getting ready for the special occasion ahead and making sure she is looking the best that she possibly can be ready to meet the groom and her husband to be in the beautiful ceremony room at Boringdon Hall Hotel.


stunning wedding flowers at Boringdon Hall hotelstunning wedding flowers at Boringdon Hall hotelLook at these elegant flowers by Lily Lovedays Floral Designs wedding florists based in Plymouth. This wedding bouquet full of creams, pinks, reds, lilacs and white are truly divine and you can see from the brides expression and delicate touching of the flowers that she is thrilled with her Bouquet.

Lily lovedays wedding flowers plymouth Devon florist weddings lily lovedaysThis elegant bouquet is perfect for Naomi's wedding at Boringdon Hall Hotel in Devon and really compliments the wedding theme and colours.

wedding blogwedding blog

wedding blog-9wedding blog-9

wedding blog-10wedding blog-10

wedding blog-11wedding blog-11

wedding blog-12wedding blog-12

Bride portrait devon wedding photographer devon wedding photographer bride portrait Portrait of Naomi the bride at Devon wedding venue Boringdon Hall Hotel

Groom wedding venue devon boring don hall devon wedding photographer groom groom waiting for the bride at boring don hall wedding venue Devon

wedding blog-13wedding blog-13

wedding blog-14wedding blog-14

wedding blog-16wedding blog-16

wedding blog-26wedding blog-26

wedding blog-25wedding blog-25

wedding blog-87wedding blog-87

wedding blog-27wedding blog-27

wedding blog-23wedding blog-23

wedding blog-44wedding blog-44

wedding blog-28wedding blog-28

wedding blog-29wedding blog-29

wedding blog-46wedding blog-46

wedding blog-46wedding blog-46

wedding blog-49wedding blog-49

wedding blog-30wedding blog-30

wedding blog-51wedding blog-51

wedding blog-31wedding blog-31

wedding blog-33wedding blog-33

wedding blog-32wedding blog-32

wedding blog-34wedding blog-34

wedding blog-36wedding blog-36

wedding blog-37wedding blog-37

Wedding photographer devon plymouth Boringdon Hall Hotel Devon wedding venue A beautiful portrait using a shipping container that was placed whilst work was going on for Boringdon Halls development of their new Gaia spa, seen the opportunity and took it, makes for a different and interesting image.

wedding blog-40wedding blog-40

wedding blog-42wedding blog-42

wedding blog-41wedding blog-41

wedding blog-45wedding blog-45

wedding blog-43wedding blog-43

wedding blog-47wedding blog-47

wedding blog-48wedding blog-48

wedding blog-69wedding blog-69

wedding blog-68wedding blog-68

wedding blog-67wedding blog-67

wedding blog-72wedding blog-72

Devon Wedding Photographer Boringdon Hall HotelDevon Wedding Photographer Boringdon Hall Hotel

wedding blog-71wedding blog-71

wedding blog-50wedding blog-50

wedding blog-53wedding blog-53

wedding blog-54wedding blog-54

wedding blog-56wedding blog-56

wedding blog-52wedding blog-52

wedding blog-78wedding blog-78

wedding blog-61wedding blog-61

wedding blog-74wedding blog-74

wedding blog-75wedding blog-75

wedding blog-79wedding blog-79

wedding blog-76wedding blog-76

wedding blog-62wedding blog-62

wedding blog-63wedding blog-63

wedding blog-60wedding blog-60

wedding blog-64wedding blog-64

wedding blog-57wedding blog-57

wedding blog-55wedding blog-55

wedding blog-65wedding blog-65

wedding blog-66wedding blog-66

wedding blog-80wedding blog-80

wedding blog-81wedding blog-81

wedding blog-85wedding blog-85

wedding blog-84wedding blog-84

wedding blog-86wedding blog-86

wedding blog-83wedding blog-83


Vendors that helped make Naomi and Andrews day special 

Flowers | Lily-Lovedays Floral Design

Venue | Boringdon Hall Hotel 

Dress | Sam Cox Bridal Wear 




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The Best Recipes for Pancake Day 2017 The Ides Best Recipes for

Pancake Day 2017


Pancake Day 2017 Pancake Day 28th February 2017Pancake Day is on February 28th in 2017

This years Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) takes place on the 28th February 2017 and if there is one thing I know is that my boys L O V E this day, as its now tradition that our pancakes are accompanied by a sinful amount of sticky, gooey and sugary toppings with a splash of fruit but M U S T be oozing with a very generous topping of honey.


We have two kinds of pancakes that are loved in this house the traditional crepe pancakes and the drop scones, with the later being our favourite, below is our tried and tested recipes to make your perfect pancakes on Pancake Day 2017.

Pancake Day Recipe 2017Best Pancake Recipe 2017Heres the Ides Best Pancake Recipe 2017 and some lovely Pancake toppings

Traditional Crepe style Pancakes


250g Plain flour

2 medium eggs

600ml of whole milk

pinch of salt

sunflower oil 




Sift the Flour into a bowl and make a well, pour in the eggs a a little milk and start to whisk, gradually adding more milk and combining everything into a nice smooth batter. Make sure your batter is more single cream that double by adding more milk if needed. Once you have made your batter leave it to rest for about 30mins but make sure the consistency is still like single cream, if it has thickened just add a little more milk. Place a nonstick  frying pan on a medium heat and add a small amount of sunflower oil, tipping out any excess. Then add a small amount in the pan and swirl it around quickly covering the base of the pan. Cook for about 1 minute or so, until lightly coloured underneath, then flip the pancake to cook the other size. (Recipe from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall River Cottage Everyday)


Drop Scones


175g Self raising flour

1 level tsp Baking powder

40g Caster sugar

1 Large egg

200ml Milk


Grease a frying pan with oil or a white veg fat, measure all the ingredients and put them into a large bowl and beat to form a thick cream. I use a 80ml spoon to measure how much I need for each drop scone and place 3 portions at a time, then wait for little holes to come through before turning them or when they start to brown. Lay them onto a wire rack with a tea towel covering them while you cook the rest.





Pancake day 2017 drop scones Best Drop scones for Pancake Day 2017check out these delicious drop scones for Pancake Day 2017    

Now for the toppings, and I can guarantee that many of you will automatically think sugar and lemons, I know that I do as its what I had whilst growing up, but there is such a variety of toppings that you can have on your pancakes and not all of them have to be sweet and gooey.



Heres my top 5 Pancake Day 2017 toppings


Lemon Juice 

I couldn't have a list of pancake toppings without including Lemons or Jif as some of you might call it, in that little lemon shaped container and a sprinkle of sugar just makes the perfect combination for your pancakes, although my boys would disagree.


Honey with mixed berries

has to be one of my boys favourite combinations, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries all seem to be their choice with oozes of honey


Chocolate spread and Banana 

This has to be up there with the best, such a yummy combination and one of my favourite combinations which I'm sure most of you will agree. 


Dark Cherries and Cream 

That combination is out of this world but really bad for the waist. 


Peaches and Cream

Now we all love this classic combination and if your smart about it you can even make this combination healthy, yes you can! use fresh peaches or if you tinned try and get the ones in juice and not syrup and for the cream you can opt for a low fat version, its all about smart alternatives, but if you are like me then I'm good all year just for pancake day so full fat all the way!


Now Ive shared a few on my favourite pancake toppings why don't you share a few in the comments below I would love to hear what toppings you guys like and what I can try on Pancake Day, full fat or healthy fire away.


2017 Pancake Daypancake Day 2017 cooking Pancake with berries and honey The Best Pancake Recipe 2017 Heres one of the Ides Best Pancake Recipe's for 2017 with mixed berries and honey Pancake recipeThe Best Pancake Recipe The boys love these crepe pancakes covered in honey and mixed berries









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Devon Baby Photographer | How adorable is little Toby Newborn Baby Photographer Devon | Adorable little Toby 


I had the pleasure of meeting little Toby who came in for his newborn portraits with his mum, dad and big brother!

I have to say i throughly enjoyed this session Toby's mum and dad were such a lovely kind couple and Toby was a super baby he was so sleepy and even tho he was an older baby ( not my usual 7-14 day old) he slept just like a newborn.

Here is a little sneak peek for mum and dad!

All the best



Toby Gray | Ashley Ide Photography Plymouth-2Toby Gray | Ashley Ide Photography Plymouth-2


Toby Gray | Ashley Ide Photography PlymouthToby Gray | Ashley Ide Photography Plymouth


]]> (Ashley Ide Photography) Plymouth baby baby photographer cornwall baby photographer plymouth devon newborn Photography plymouth newborn plymouth newborn photographer southwest baby photographer Wed, 05 Oct 2016 19:00:00 GMT
Devon Newborn Photographer | Esmae Introducing Esmae |

Newborn Portraits


It was  pleasure to meet Esmae who came with mum, dad and her big brother to her newborn portrait session in my home studio in plymouth. 

Mum had requested a beautiful girly theme of pale pinks, soft whites and warm browns for esmae's newborn portraits which i think really look great in the photos.

Mum wanted to keep things simple and asked for certain poses which i was happy to do, I always think poses are the most natural way to photograph a baby and its normally when they are happiest all squished up and nice and warm.

Hope you enjoy looking through esmae photos!

Can you believe it esmae is nearly one now we've been so busy here creating memories for you that we've not had time to update our recent work blog so your see lots of blogs coming in the next few weeks of what we've been to since december!

King Wishes and Regards


Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-2Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-2

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-3Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-3

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-5Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-5

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide PhotographyDevon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-4Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-4

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-10Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-10

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-11Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-11 Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-8Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-8

Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-12Devon Newborn Photographer | Ashley ide Photography-12


]]> (Ashley Ide Photography) Cornwall Baby Photography Cornwall Newborn Photographer Devon Baby Devon Baby Photographer Newborn Photographer Cornwall Newborn Photography Plymouth Baby Plymouth Baby Photography Plymouth Newborn Photographer Fri, 30 Sep 2016 09:00:00 GMT
Plymouth Newborn Photographer | Sebastian Sebastian |

Newborn Portraits


It was such a pleasure to meet Mum, Gran, Little sister, dad and Baby Sebastian for his newborn portraits .

He was such a good little baby he slept a lot of the time and even let me get the froggy pose that mum and dad really wanted for his newborn gallery. 

We went with rich navy blues, warm browns, olive greens a really gorgeous edition to any little boys photo's!

It was such a pleasure to capture these moments for mum and dad and give them something to treasure for years to come!

​hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful photo's.


Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-5Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-5

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-3Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-3

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-4Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-4

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-8Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-8

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-2Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-2

  Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-11Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-11

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-9Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-9

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-10Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-10

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-7Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography-7

Plymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide PhotographyPlymouth Cake smash Photographer | Ashley Ide Photography


]]> (Ashley Ide Photography) Cornwall Baby Photography Cornwall Newborn Photographer Devon Baby Devon Baby Photographer Newborn Photographer Cornwall Newborn Photography Plymouth Baby Plymouth Baby Photography Plymouth Newborn Photographer Sun, 25 Sep 2016 17:00:00 GMT