Ashley Ide Photography | Cann wood's Plymouth | Days out with my boy's and my camera

Cann wood's Plymouth | Days out with my boy's and my camera

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A day out with my boys and my camera in Cann wood's Plymouth


Plymouth Photographer Portrait cann woodsCann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_-10Lovely walk at Cann wood's, here you can see my son relaxing after some fun den building

Being a dad to 5 boys its always fun when heading out on family walks, there is never a dull moment when you have 5 eager explorers to climb tree's, look for bugs, jump in muddy puddles, build den's and look for gruffalo's and fairie's. Its just like being a kid all over again, I LOVE it!, especially as we live in the beautiful south west, In plymouth which is surrounded breathtaking locations as we have Dartmoor and the sea on our doorsteps. On this particular day we headed out to Cann woods, which is located on the edge of Dartmoor and is a lovely forest with breath taking backdrops and deep dark woods for the boys to explore.


Jenson playing in with the Autumnal coloured leaves at Cann wood's, Plymouth


Isaac our little lively explorer loves a muddy puddle or two!


​Little Jenson again walking the fields with is stick, sword, wand or what ever he conjures up, Just love kids imaginations.


Jenson found this little For Beetle whilst he was looking through the leaves.


​We found this plant that had captured all the fairy's that had been flying past.

Cann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_Cann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_ Cann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_-3Cann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_-3 Cann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_-6Cann_woods_Plymouth_Photographer_-6

As you can see from above Ruben loves to pose for the camera, I make a point of taking my camera with me where ever we go, its very rare that I am without it, I love to document my boys journey and memories and its so much fun looking back on our many adventures and the boys love doing this to. Ruben also seems to be taking a keen interest in photography and hopefully that will continue and might join the ranks of Ashley Ide Photography in the future, as it really is a great profession and lets you see the world in a different light.


Here's an image of the den we made at Cann wood's all we were missing was a little camp fire and our sleeping bags, but I don't think I would have convinced mummy to spend a night in the great outdoors.


I love the autumnal colours that surround my eldest son Ashton, autumn really is my favourite time of year, I just love all those rich colours on the trees and foliage and they really do make lovely backdrops for my limited edition outdoor portraits in Plymouth.


Say hello to our youngest little Theo, as you can see he gets around in style and comfort in his Tula baby carrier, I have to admit I'm really glad to see the back of our pram, I don't think we have used one with Theo at all since we got these baby carriers, they are really easy, comfortable and best of all they free up your hands to hold a camera or to play with the other little ones.


Isaac chilling against the den after trying to carry all the big logs bless him, you don't often find him staying still for long as he's always full of energy.


Ah and here they are "The Tribe" all my little explorers all tired out after a long walk. 


​Really hope you guys have enjoyed reading this blog and learning what I get up to in my spare time, and as you can see photography isn't just my job, its my life and my passion to document memories. If you would like me to head out on a walk to update your family portraits in Plymouth, Devon the please get in touch.


All the best





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