Ashley Ide Photography | Devon Wedding Photographer | Horn of Plenty, Tavistock | Leanne and Steve Constantinou

Devon Wedding Photographer | Horn of Plenty, Tavistock | Leanne and Steve Constantinou

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Mr and Mrs Constantinou's wedding at the beautiful Horn of Plenty and  St Eustachius Church.



Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Constantinou who had a beautiful traditional/greek wedding at the St Eustachius Church in Tavistock followed by a beautiful reception at the Horn of Plenty, It truly was a pleasure to document Leanne and Steve's special day, such a beautiful couple, lovely family and stunning locations, plus the fact they had stunning weather too always helps.


Horn of Plenty | wedding photographer devon

The day began with myself heading to the Horn of Plenty to document Leanne and her family getting ready while my second photographer headed out to the groom to document him and his family getting ready. When we were heading to the Horn of plenty we spotted a number of signs made up to direct guests to the reception venue which I thought was a lovely added touch. 




​Once we arrived at the Horn of plenty we headed up to the bridal suite where everyone was getting ready, Leanne appeared to be very calm as often brides are very flustered and a little stressed whilst getting ready which is to be expected but not Leanne, who's calmness rubbed off onto everyone else. The Horn of plenty is situated on the outskirts of tavistock and is surrounded by beautiful gardens and spectacular views of Dartmoor, this and the fact the venue is full of character made for some great images of leanne, her mum, her brides maid's, family and detail shots to document this lovely moment before heading over to the church.


We then headed over to The St Eustachius church in Tavistock and the bride travelled in a beautiful jaw dropping Regeant convertible from Westcountry wedding car's. when I arrived at the church I already knew where I wanted to be to capture the ceremony as it unfolded as I had attended the rehearsal a few days prior and knew the church from previous weddings I had documented there, it was lovely to see all of Leanne's and Steve's family waiting for the big entrance and Steve himself waiting for his beautiful bride to walk down the isle. Their was so much emotion and love throughout the ceremony which consisted of a traditional service followed by a greek service as Steve's family are greek, which was obviously special ceremony to both families.


​After the beautiful ceremony was over we headed outside the church for some formal group photos before we headed back to the wedding reception venue which was only a short drive through the breathtaking scenic roads of Dartmoor


At the Horn of Plenty we had some more formal portraits with stunning backdrops that this beautiful wedding venue had to offer, and after the group portraits we utilised the stunning gardens and grounds of the venue and took the bride and groom off for some portraits which as you can see the backdrops we had are truly amazing and we managed to get some lovely portraits of them both.


​Leanne and Steves reception venue was magnificent and once we returned from the portraits we headed in for the meal and speeches which was a very emotional time for both sides of the family remember friends and family present and past who couldn't be their to enjoy their special day but they sure were their in their memories and thoughts.


I believe Leanne planned most of the wedding herself with the help of her family and of course Steve, she really did a great job in the attention to detail, and its the finer details that really makes a wedding extra special, and it was so apparent the amount of effort that went into the full day from all the vendors that made Leanne and Steve's special day something their families will remember for many, many years. 


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Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-36Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-36 Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-37Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-37 Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-38Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-38 Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-39Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-39 Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-40Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-40 Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-41Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-41 Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-42Horn-of-plenty-tavistock-Plymouth-42

hornofplenty-devon-wedding-plymouth-14hornofplenty-devon-wedding-plymouth-14 hornofplenty-devon-wedding-plymouth-15hornofplenty-devon-wedding-plymouth-15


Thank you for reading my blog post about this lovely wedding, if you would like more information on my wedding photography packages please get in touch, I am a Plymouth based wedding photographer and have covered many weddings through the south west and will consider bookings further a field, so if you like my work and want more information please to get in contact.


Many Thanks Ashley 



Leanne + Steve

Date | 10.09.15

Ceramony | St Eustachius Church, Tavistock 

Reception | The Horn of Plenty, Tavistock

Wedding dress | The Bridal House of Cornwall

Car | Westcountry Wedding Cars

Band | Festival Sons

Cake| Cherry Blossom Cakes 

Biscuits | Pink Elephant Cake

Hair stylist | Changing faces

Make up artist | Changing faces

chair covers | Chair Cover Cupboard

Florist | Laura Hingston flowers

Devon wedding photographer | Ashley Ide


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