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IPPN July Awards | Plymouth Portrait Photographer

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IPPN July Awards | Portrait Photographer Devon


I have just seen the results of last months awards for The International Professional Photographers Network (IPPN) and Im happy to be awarded silver for both images that I submitted. 


Plymouth Portrait Photographer ChildrenPlymouth Portrait Photographer Children

Love this image of my 4 older boys walking through the poppy fields in cornwall, I titled this one (Brothers in arms) it really reflects the close bond that these boys have and they really are great friends, well most of the time ;) 

I really do love to capture moments like this and it goes to show you don't always need to be in front of the camera smiling or posing, I like to tell a story with my outdoor portraits and what a setting I had to do that in, I truly believe that living in the south west we are blessed with some of the best locations that the uk has to offer, one of the most diverse anyway. 


Plymouth Portrait Photographer Children-2Plymouth Portrait Photographer Children-2

I adore this image of little Jasmine and it has a bit of a story to how we came to take it, we set out to take some portraits in a local poppy field near Plymouth which I had scouted only a few hours before only to arrive to see the field had been cut, not a poppy in sight. A blow but not letting that defeat me we headed to a field we found as we were driving around Plymstock and Plymouth and captured the images we needed for Jasmine's outdoor portrait session. it wasn't until we headed back to the car that we spotted these lovely foxgloves on the verge of a road, if you could have seen where this image was taken I think you would be surprised, but it was the challenge of making something good from what was initially a bad situation when plan 'A' went wrong that spurred me on to create some really lovely images, and I was happy to see it was awarded a silver. 


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