Ashley Ide Photography | Romantic Park Wedding | Rachel & Rob

Romantic Park Wedding | Rachel & Rob

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Romantic Park wedding |

Rachel & Rob



It was such a pleasure to be apart of Rob and Rachel's Romantic and quirky park wedding, When i heard their plans i felt really excited and happy that they 

had chose me to document their wedding day! 


When i arrived at Rachel and Robs Family home Everyone was in the midst of getting ready, the children were chilling in the front room, there was toast and coffee on the go, It was such a lovely atmosphere you could feel the excitement in the air. 

As i approached the bride Rachel she was beautifully applying her make up, it was so lovely to watch her daughter wanting to copy her by taking out brushes and makeup pads and trying to apply to her face such a wonderful memory and moment! 

Rachel and Rob both wrote their own vows to each other which is such a beautiful and personal touch which i was so lucky to be able to capture. 

When we started to walk up to the local park where Rachel and Rob would say their vows to each other, as we approached the park it was decorated so beautifully there were flower garlands and bunting hanging from the trees, hand made signs, ribbons and bubbles! 

So much attention to detail had gone into this it was just stunning! 

As Rachel read out her vows all the guests were so engaged and there were lots of clapping and awws, I have to say her vows were one of the most beautiful things i have heard! 

Rob Followed with his vows Which were just as thoughtful, you could feel the emotion. 

Followed by their son and daughter delivering their rings, This wedding was just as much about the children as it was about celebrating the love between the both of them! i love how involved the children were the whole way through the day!

After the ceremony there were lots of champagne bottles popping and orange juice following, to celebrate the marriage instead of confetti they had everyone wave a ribbon wand and they walked down the aisle whist everyone cheered and waved their ribbons!



Then we headed for the water taxi to the royal william yard where their reception was being held in Secco lounge a quirky and fun venue i have to say! 

Rachel, Rob and all the children boarded the water taxi i have to say this was such a lovely idea the children loved it and it was just as much fun for Rachel and rob! 

It was a great photo opportunity, and also what a way to arrive talk about arriving in style! 


I really enjoyed documenting Rachel and robs wedding and i loved being apart of it! 

All the best guys 




Rachel and rob Rachel and rob

Rachel and robRachel and rob

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