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Plymouth Newborn Photographers | Little Toby's Newborn Portraits

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Little Toby's Newborn Portraits 

By Plymouth Photographer Ashley Ide



Little Toby was an absolute pleasure to document during his newborn portrait's, he was a lovely little bundle of joy and as you can see below he just loved to pose for the camera and even smiled for the camera, how cute! Mum and Dad arrived at my home studio with little Toby and his older brother Tommy, we chose which backdrops, hats and props we were going to use and settle little Toby ready for the session. Tommy had so much fun playing with the toys and popping in every now and then to see how is little brother was getting on. Toby was really good during the session only waking a few times, but that gave me perfect opportunity to grab some lovely awake photo's with his eyes open.

I just love the colours in these images, a lovely deep dark blue really works well in drawing you into little baby and then my favourites browns which always compliment little newborns. As you can see the adorable little fox hat from Lulabella's Hand Knits and the lovely little rabbit were picked again and really are a favourite and chosen in a lot of our newborn baby sessions. It's lovely as Lucy who owns Lulabella's is a local business not based in plymouth but just over the bridge in even sunnier Cornwall, and makes the most wonderful and softest newborn baby props and hats that I have come across and you can tell a lot of love and affection go into making them and why I get a lot of my newborn attire from her.  

My favourite image from the session has to be the last one posted here, little Tommy and Dads expressions are great! as Tommy jumps on dad's as he doesn't want to sit down and then I grab his attention by making some silly noise and dad being dad joins in and we get this lovely image of both Dad and son playing around, which mum finds amusing and little Toby is none the wiser, sleeping like a baby all wrapped up snug as a bug!

I was pleased when they had finally viewed their newborn photos to hear that this image was going to be selected for a big canvas print and would be in pride of place in their home.


"From initial contact through to the very end where he personally hand delivered our absolutely epic Newborn & Family photos"


It was a real pleasure meeting this lovely little family and documenting this very special and precious moment in their lives, its always a highlight of my job capturing these special moments and its always nice to hear what parents think of the images and of the service that I provide and this couple left me such a touching review and also referred to me as "The Baby Whisperer" which to me really means a lot.


"his service was second to none and all jokes aside he is like "The Baby Whisperer" our son Toby is a very light sleeper but this mattered none to Ashley"


I know that I will be meeting little Toby and his lovely family again as he's one of my Babies First Year babies, so he will be back very soon when he is sitting for his Sitter Session and then again when he is one for his One Year Session or a First Birthday Cake Smash.

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