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Wembury Beach Engagement Photography | Karen + Paul

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Wembury Beach |

Karen + Paul


I met Karen and Paul on a beautiful morning at wembury Beach the sun was glowing, the sea was shinning and you could hear the birds calling.

Karen and Paul were really playful and happy it was lovely to see them goofing around with each other and you could really sense how much they meant to each other as they walked hand in hand chatting and giggling. 

It was so good to get them in front of the camera as they were naturals, I love it when couples naturally embrace, paul was whispering in karens ear and she was laughing, karen would give paul a kiss and they were chatting amongst themselves.

I try not to give to much instruction as i like couples to feel at ease and happy when I'm photographing them so i always start off without any instruction to see what works best for them. These session are brilliant for relaxing couples before their wedding day and helps them to feel more comfortable around me! Engagement sessions are included in my wedding packages. 

We took full advantage of the beautiful surroundings of wembury using the gorgeous fields with their beautiful long grass and the views which stretch out over wembury beach and you can even see Noss mayo another beautiful devon village with stunning views and beautiful walks. 

After a few candid images to help them feel comfortable and relaxed we headed down to the beach, because it was a beautiful day the beach was full of people wanting to enjoy it, but that didn't stop us we headed to a less busy part of the beach to capture a few more candids with a small bit of posing.

I really enjoyed my morning with karen and paul i hope you enjoy looking through their images. 



Karen and paul enegaement-2Karen and paul enegaement-2

Karen and paul enegaement-5Karen and paul enegaement-5

Karen and paul enegaement-4Karen and paul enegaement-4

Karen and paul enegaement-3Karen and paul enegaement-3

Karen and paul enegaementKaren and paul enegaement

Karen and paul enegaement-7Karen and paul enegaement-7

Karen and paul enegaement-6Karen and paul enegaement-6

Karen and paul enegaement-10Karen and paul enegaement-10

Karen and paul enegaement-9Karen and paul enegaement-9

Karen and paul enegaement-8Karen and paul enegaement-8

Karen and paul enegaement-12Karen and paul enegaement-12

Karen and paul enegaement-11Karen and paul enegaement-11

Karen and paul enegaement-13Karen and paul enegaement-13

Karen and paul enegaement-14Karen and paul enegaement-14

Karen and paul enegaement-15Karen and paul enegaement-15



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