Ashley Ide Photography | Newborn FAQ's

Frequently Asked Question's

Below is a number of questions that I have been asked a couple of times that I thought I would add here to help answer any questions you might have or that you have not thought about before your session, I will update it frequently and if you feel you have any other questions or need clarification Im more than happy to help.


What do I need to bring with me to my babies photoshoot?

You will need to bring anything you would normally need for baby, nappies extra bottles and also feel free to breastfeed baby when needed. All my poses are done with baby wearing no clothes, as you can see from my newborn portfolio. You can bring along any special teddies or keepsakes that you would like to be used or have an idea for a special prop like Dad's work uniform, rugby ball, instrument, work hat or some special item that will mean something to you but please let me know before the session so I can plan it in. You will need to bring a dummy which will only be used to settle baby during posing, if you prefer not I will have you on standby with your finger to help settle baby if needed. I advise bringing some snacks along for yourselves, I do have refreshments available as well.

What do I do when my baby arrives?

Babies are very unpredictable, they arrive when they want so you will have been given a provisional session date when you booked which is just a guide for me to see how many babies I have booked in so I don't over book. Now your little bundle of Joy has arrived I ask that yourself and someone on your behalf gets in contact to let me know that baby has arrived and to book in a permanant date for your portrait session.

Why do I need to book a newborn photo session in before my baby is born?

I only book in a handful of newborn sessions each month to allow for some wriggle room in my busy diary for babies that come early or late as we all know babies are unpredictable, so securing an accurate date is not possible until you little bundle of Joy has arrived. I suggest booking in soon after your 20 week scan so that I can provisionally book you a place and once baby arrives we can then secure a more fixed date. I cannot guarantee I will have any availability if you wait until baby is born, but if you do wait please get in touch with me ASAP so we can look at getting your session booked in. I have posed babies up to 9 weeks old, it can take a little longer to settle them but I will try and get those lovely little poses for you.

What if I'm running late for my newborn session?

I understand that getting out of the house with a new addition to the family can be a challenge, Im a dad to 5 boys and every time we try to get out of the house its like a military operation and I know I need to start getting ready 20-30minutes before we leave. I have been there soI know that having a new baby takes a little adjusting, I also understand that babies have their own agenda's that don't normally marry up with your own, for these reasons I allow 30 minutes grace and ask that you give me a quick call or message just to let me know your eta and so I can prepare accordingly.

What if my baby poo's and wee's on your props?

Part of being a newborn photographer and working with little people is that they will need to poo and wee, I expect this to happen as I pose baby without a nappy on so its something that will inevitably happen, its perfectly ok and nothing to be embarrassed or feel you need to apologise for. Its not that uncommon for baby to wee and poo on me either, its all part of the job!

What happen's if my baby doesn't co-operate?

Babies can be unpredictable and if they are unsettled during this session this is fine, some babies take a little longer to settle than others and some just don't like being moved when they are asleep. Im always commended for the amount of patience I have and I will work with your little one and listen to what they are telling me, Im an experienced dad and newborn photographer and can generally get a god feel for what baby needs. My sessions are planned for 4 hours or so to allow for time to settle feed and change baby, if your little baby is very unsettled I may suggest arranging your session for another day, this doesn't happen often but is a possibility.

Do you do Afternoon newborn session's?

I have found from experience that morning sessions work best, especially as we are trying to get baby when they are most sleepy for those adorable posed baby photos. I find that your little one has most probably had you up most of the night so the morning sessions around 10/1030 will be ideal as they will be catching up on the sleep they have lost, I also advise that you play with you baby and keep them a wake for a couple of hours before the session so when you arrive and they have had a good feed they will be ready to go. I can do Afternoon session's if requested but prefer to start in the morning as from experience this is what works best. 

What will you need me to do during the session?

When you arrive to your session I will ask you to feed baby ensuring they have a good feed so that they are nice and sleepy when we start. I will then take baby from you and you can sit back and relax. I will undress your baby and cuddle them trying to get them nice and relaxed for me to pose them, I should be ok for most of the session unless they become too distressed and need a familiar face to reassure them, at which point I will hand baby back to you. There will be poses that I will need your assistance but I will discuss this when we come to the poses and explain clearly what I will I will need you to do. I always hold your babies safety paramount during the session and this may mean I need you to spot baby while they are in a prop, or hold them so they remain safe at all times.

Can you remove spots, dry skin, baby rash and scars from my little babies skin?

Yes I can remove blemishes where possible however I will try to soften them so they are less visible rather than removing them completely as they are part of how your baby was. I will tend to remove scratches, milk spots or anything that won't be there in a week or so time if possible. I won't remove birthmarks, scars or anything that is permanently there unless requested, although I do suggest to keep anything that will be there as they get older as its part of who they are.

What does my baby wear?

As you can see from my newborn baby photo's and portfolio that I photograph babies with no clothes on, this is done to emphasise how tiny babies are and show you all those little newborn details so you can look back and remember what they were like as wee babies. It also keeps all the focus on them and not their clothes which can often be distracting. I do use a number of wraps, outfits and angles to protect your babies dignity and have them posed in dignifying ways as you can see from my gallery. 

Can I bring my other children along to my baby's photo shoot?

Of course you can bring along your baby's sibling(s), it's always nice to get a few images with baby and the brother(s) and sister(s) in. All I ask is that you let me know before the session who will be attending and their ages so that I can prepare the session accordingly and I know who to expect.

Can I pay for my baby's photo session on the day?

Unfortunately I cannot accept payment on the day, the booking fee needs to be paid at the time of booking to secure your date, I have had people in the past book in a session and say they will pay on the day and have then not attended their session which means someone else has had to miss out and Ive lost a day. You will not need to pay anything else until you have seen your images and chosen a package. 

How long will it be before I can see our images?

I will get your gallery ready to view within 4 - 6 weeks from your session but normally within 4 weeks. You will receive a link to an online password protected gallery, with a password that only you will have to give to friends and family that you would like to share your gallery with or if you request to view them in person that can be arranged. 

What if I would like more photo shoots as my baby grow's?

I would love to document your little bundle of Joy as they grow and is why I introduced my 'Babies First Year' package which is essentially 3 portrait session throughout your little babies first year, the fist session being the newborn session where we capture those precious first few weeks, when they are all squishy and sleepy. The second shoot is my 'Sitter Session' which takes place around the time your little one is just starting to sit. The final session is my 'One Year Session' which takes place around the time they turn one. you can also upgrade the 'One Year Session' to a first birthday cake smash session for an extra £150 which is a very popular choice and lots of fun and mess!

Wheres are you based?

I have a home studio within my home in Plymstock Plymouth, we are located at 5 Mourne Villas, Plymstock, Plymouth, PL9 8AL just off of Billacombe road on the opposite side to Fairway Furniture and just in behind the Ming Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, there is plenty of parking. There are a few steps to climb but we have a side entrance without steps if you cannot manage these, just let me know before you arrive and I will meet you when you park up.