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My Personal Projects


This is a space for my personal projects, a little bit more about what I do when Im not photographing those adorable little babies, snapping those cheeky little children and creating some breathtaking memories of some of your special days such as weddings and christenings.


Photography is very much apart of my life and I rarely go anywhere without some form of camera as I never know when an opportunity might arise to document a memory that I want to treasure. I have always felt that challenging yourself to think outside the box is a good thing to do, trying things that are outside your comfort zone and believe that doing this allows you to develop both professionally as a photographer and personally. Its not often that I get an opportunity to try things a little different as I'm always busy with work and having 5 little boys to look after and have fun with personal projects get put on the back burner, but it is always something I try and make time for to really push myself and try some new things.


Garden Bird Project 

Great Tit garden feederGreat Tit garden feeder Long Tailed Tit on cake feederLong Tailed Tit on cake feeder Robin eating a mealwormRobin eating a mealworm

The Garden Bird Project is one that I have recently started, my boys love wildlife and nature much to my delight as its a real passion of mine, and they are always at our back window looking into the garden at the vast array of birds and wildlife that we get. we only have a small patio area for our garden and always hear the birds around as we back on to open fields and woodland. We decided to add a few bird feeders, nuts, seeds, niger seed, mealworms and some water in an attempt to see what we could attract, the boys had recently become wildlife explorers with the RSPB and have also taken up the RSPB's Wild Challenge and part of those is to help wildlife and birds so this was a great way to get them more involved. I then decided I would document the little birds that came into our garden and display them in my projects gallery with an aim of showing different behaviours and the different species that visited our little garden.